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We are proud to offer a variety of guided tours, both on Martins Well Rangeland Reserve and with our near neighbours.

Tour in style and comfort in our Landcruiser Sahara, a top of the range 4wd vehicle, which handles rough conditions with ease. Great air-conditioning, loads of leg room, lots of space for cameras and comfortable seats will leave you refreshed after a days touring.

Our expert guide will keep you informed throughout your experience with extensive knowledge of anything from the inner workings of a shearing team, local bird species, European history, station life, Flinders Ranges geology and much, much more.

We are also happy to customise a tour if you have somewhere special in mind.

Tours departing from Martins Well Homestead:

All tour prices valid until 1st December 2021.

$280.00 AUD per person

Minimum 2 people.

Peaks of Viliwaranha (Reaphook Hill)

A full day tour which takes in all of what Martins Well has to offer.  After arriving at MWRR we will head out to view the Artipena Spring system, regarded as the largest natural waters in the Flinders Ranges, home of the Akurra spirits, to see its splendour in the morning light, a perfect time to chance a photo with a local bird species.

Continue through the diverse landscapes, learning about station life and local fauna and flora along the way until we reach Weavers Hut for morning smoko.  After a short break and toilet stop we engage 4wd and travel up a small creek bed into the depths of Viliwaranha, or Reaphook Hill as Europeans call it, to discover a rare mineral called Scholzite and the famous Ediacaran fossils.  We then travel upwards until we get to an awesome lookout spot where there are magnificent views of the eastern side of the Flinders Ranges to the west or the great expanses of flatness which are the Wilpena Creek floodplains.

From here we travel along an awe inspiring ridgeline until we decent along the properties northern boundary, following a 100yr+ old ‘dog fence’, past an old Aboriginal grindstone quarry, to eventually arrive at Tooth’s Nob Outstation ruins, dating back to early European settlement some 160yr+ ago.  Lunch will be had at some stage in between.  After a leisurely walk amongst the ruins we will continue on past a recently decommissioned Barytes mine, before returning to the Homestead.

Living on the Edge

This is in essence very similar to the first ‘Peaks of Viliwaranha’ tour, with the exception of the 4w driving.  A slightly shorter tour, but still taking in all of what MWRR has to offer, this tour will really give you an appreciation of ‘living life on the edge’ of civilisation and in a >200mm/year rainfall zone.

Artipena Springs, Weavers Hut, Tooths Nob Outstation ruins and the old Barytes mine area will be visited, with a smoko and lunch stop along the way.  Bush tucker, local flora and fauna and a visit through our century old woolshed included in the tour.

Both tours have regular stops, bush toilets and short walks can be included if time permits.

$240.00 AUD per person

Minimum 2 people.


We also offer a short guided walk for visitors that choose to stay with us.

We are currently working hard to develop our walking and biking tracks, so watch this space.

Custom tours

We can custom make a tour to suit your needs if staying with one of our near neighbours, please contact us as soon as practicable to avoid disappointment.

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