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Conserving Ecosystems, Biodiversity, Aboriginal and Pastoralism through safeguarding land and educating future generations.

Martins Well is located approx. 95km North East of Hawker, 50 km due East of Ikara-Wilpena Pound and approx. 500km from Adelaide CBD.

Martins Well Rangeland Reserve was originally occupied by Aboriginals for thousands of years and is still situated within the traditional lands of the Adnyamathanha Aboriginal people. European occupation started in 1854, when Martins Well was ‘taken up’ as part of the great Wilpena Station. It has since primarily been run as a pastoral property until 2017, when purchased as part of the MF Jebsen Group. We are now in a transition phase, changing from a purely pastoral property to one that will focus on conservancy and tourism, and hope to re-engage with the traditional owners, the Adnyamathanha people of the Flinders Ranges, so we can all share in this land for its benefit.

Currently Martins Well consists of approx. 260 000 acres or 1035km2 of land. Major natural features of Martins Well include a large diversity of differing soil types and landscapes, as well as sites like Reaphook Hill, Artipena Springs, Mt Mantell, Wilpena Creek Gorge and the Wilpena Creek floodplain just to name a few. Fossils, rare minerals, endangered flora and fauna abound.

There are also manmade features, both Aboriginal and European, proving some valuable insight into the history of the early habitants of this beautiful land.

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